We're the Internet Hotline.

Fighting Child Sexual Abuse Material

We’re a member of the INHOPE global network of hotlines dedicated to combating child sexual abuse material on the internet. 

What We Do

We Are Dedicated to Combating Online Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation and Protecting Victims.

We Are Dedicated to Combating Online Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation and Protecting Victims.


The Hotline enables the public to anonymously report possible CSAM. Our hotline analyst will investigate the report and if confirmed illegal, they act to have the content removed from the internet and notify law enforcement.The Hotline is run by APLE Cambodia as a member of the INHOPE leading global network of Hotlines, consisting of 43 countries around the world.

Why report CSAM

In CSAM imagery, there is a real child being victimized. Your report may enable the possibility for illegal contents to be removed, the victim to be identified and/or the offender to be prosecuted.


We work in social, legal, educational and criminal justice sectors to provide holistic support and protection to the most vulnerable children.


Online child sexual exploitation is the act of using, coercing or luring a child to engage in sexual activity through the use of information and communication technology. It includes the following manifestations. 



Hotline Reporting

We provide a safe and secure platform for the public and ISPs/ESPs to anonymously report possible child sexual abuse material contents they have seen online. 


Content Assessment

Our Hotline analysts will assess the reported content against the operational and legal baselines, using the INHOPE classification system.


Notice and Takedown

If images are confirmed to be illegal, we will send notice and takedown to ISPs or ESPs and/or other hotline partners to immediately remove images from the internet. 


Victim Support

We cooperate and share information with law enforcement to enable the possibility for cases to be investigated and victims to be identified and supported. 

Watch how to report

If you come across possible CSAM on the internet, report it, don’t ignore it. You can choose to report anonymously. 


We develop step-by-step  online courses in local and English languages for children, parents and professionals, focusing on Internet safety and child online protection. 

Information and educational materials concerning online safety measures are tailored and disseminated targeting children, young people, parents/caregivers and professionals. 

Safety tips are created with the aim to provide an understanding of what to do to keep safe online and how to openly communicate and address the identified problem.


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Child grooming

the act of soliciting a child, either in person or through the use of the internet for sexual purposes such as to receive sexual images online or to meet in person to sexually exploit him/her

Child Sexual Abuse Material or CSAM

refers to images, videos, writings, and/or recordings of child sexual abuse or exploitation

Livestreaming of Child Sexual Exploitation

the act of using a child in sexual activities that are recorded and transmitted live over the Internet


the act of using self-produced sexual messages/pictures of a child in order to threaten him/her for sexual favor, money or other benefits

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