As a member of the INHOPE’s 47 global hotlines, we join forces to combat child sexual material online and advocate for a better internet.

Notice and Takedown
The Hotline follows the notice/takedown process put in place by INHOPE and liaises with law enforcement and other hotlines.
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Safety Awareness
We raise awareness and confidence among children, youth, parents and professionals about online risks and safety measures.
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Research & Advocacy
We work with partners and research bodies to examine emerging issues and the relationship between the online and offline threats.
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Who We Are

The Hotline was established in 2015 with the support of INHOPE Foundation. It serves as a dedicated mechanism for fighting child sexual abuse material or CSAM and provides communities with the tools to report.

The Hotline offers a secure web based hotline for the public to report child sexual abuse material (CSAM) anonymously and coordinates notice/takedown actions with law enforcement and other hotlines to have illegal content removed and the matter investigated.​

Abuse and Exploitation together.

I want to
Report Child Sexual Abuse & Exploitation

Your report will be assessed by our Hotline Analyst. If found to be actionable, we will notify law enforcement, which enables the possibility for action to be taken. Your report can help us prevent abuse from happening or stop it from continuing.   

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Our ResourceS

Online Course

Courses are designed to provide the information through each lesson for the best interest and safety of children at all times.

Safety Tips

We develop and update safety tips for children, parents and professionals to be educated about online safety and prevent threats.


Educational materials for children, parents and professionals are created to help raise awareness and empower Internet users and carers.


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