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10 Tips for Educators Using Zoom to Keep your Online Classroom Safe for Children

Zoom is a free, user-friendly video-conferencing platform that includes many features for holding effective online meetings and lessons. It is no wonder therefore, that once classrooms moved online due to closure of schools during COVID-19, many teachers and educators chose Zoom as the leading platform to deliver their lessons remotely to students. But along with […]

The Increased Risks of Online Child Sexual Exploitation during COVID-19 and What You Can Do to Prevent It; A Parent’s Guide

Summary: If you are a parent or guardian of a child that that spends time online, especially during COVID-19, this guide is for you! Through this guide you will: Understand what online child sexual exploitation is, who the offenders are and how they approach children online Know where online children are more exposed to risks […]

Online Platforms Skyrocket During COVID-19, Increasing Risks for Sexual Exploitation of Children Online

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced children throughout the world to change normal practices of life into new ways of communicating and socializing, that has largely been made possible through online platforms and applications. With schools shut down, learning has moved to online classrooms and e-learning applications. Meeting and socializing with friends through social media online […]

Online Child Sexual Exploitation: A Growing Concern

Phnom Penh: While a lot of benefits from technology are recognised globally, it has also been exploited for illegal activities such as producing, accessing and distributing child sexual abuse materials. Online Child Sexual Exploitation is also causing a growing concern amongst stakeholders working in child rights and protection in the world and in Cambodia. However, […]