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Online Child Sexual Exploitation (OCSE) is an emerging form of child sexual abuse and exploitation that is facilitated by the Internet. Websites (including dark/deep webs), social media platforms and smartphone apps are being utilized for abusive and illegal activities such as accessing and distributing child sexual abuse material (child pornography), grooming of potential child victims, as well as live streaming of sexual activity.

IHC previous awareness raising activities with the various audiences 

"I have learned a lot from participating in the awareness event organized by IHC and I will spread the information across my youth network. The knowledge I've gained will shape the way I use and take advantage of the Internet."
Phkay Proek
President of Children Advocacy Network

The number of websites containing child sexual abuse material was reported to have increased by 147% between the years of 2012 and 2014 worldwide and recent estimates suggest that it is a rapidly growing problem.

Managed by APLE, Internet Hotline Cambodia not only offers a safe venue for the public to report child sexual abuse material online, but also has increasingly implemented awareness and educational activities with a focus on raising awareness and understanding of Internet safety and emerging online issues among children, parents/carers, professionals and local communities.

IHC awareness raising strategies include:

  • Provide awareness and training to target groups to help them stayed informed of Internet interests, risks and measures to keep their children safe

  • Create and disseminate safety tips and educational information across major social media sites and campaigns

  • Organize learning activities with children to identify risks and counter-measures, and promote risk-free behavior while online

  • Empower children, youth and protecting adults with the right knowledge and skill to stay safe while taking advantage of the Internet opportunities 

IHC has also supported Safer Internet Day, the initiative of EU SafeBorders Project 2014, by creating, connecting and sharing information about their global awareness campaigns.

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