Online Streaming

What is online streaming?

Online streaming is the broadcasting of a video live online. There are many different apps that allow you to create videos which are distributed live, either to a public audience or to a selected set of friends.

Both making a live video as well as watching live videos, contain different risks which we will help you understand and stay safe from:

Making live videos:

Posting live videos of yourself through various online streaming apps may be fun and seem like a good way to connect with friends and show them what you are up to. However, it is important to know that online streaming can also put you in danger.

Although through some apps, live videos will be erased automatically after a certain period of time, the videos you upload can always be recorded live and used later for any purpose. Keep that in mind anytime you think of streaming something you wouldn’t want everyone to see.

Online streaming has also become a means for sexual predators online to sexually exploit children. Many children receive offers by online predators to use streaming apps to make sexual videos of themselves while offering them money in return. They may convince a child and deceive them into thinking it is for their eyes only, but actually record and distribute the material to others. 

Watching live videos:

Watching live videos which were uploaded by others may also contain risks. Because it is a live video there is no way to screen the content before watching to make sure it is age appropriate and will not progress to contain disturbing images.

Online predators will also broadcast sexually explicit videos through live streaming, targeting children to make them more susceptible to abuse. It is therefore crucial you are aware who the person is you are watching a live video of, and make sure it is done   under caution.

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