Research and Advocacy

In order to strengthen our key messages, evidence based awareness and advocacy, IHC works with partners, stakeholders and research institutions to conduct and contribute to research tasks that look at the current and emerging issues of online child sexual exploitation, and the relationship between the online and offline risk factors.

Through research work, IHC has gained adequate knowledge and evidence based information of issues that affect children using the Internet and will make use of such evidence to create an online learning/resource center and shape our responses towards eradicating online child sexual exploitation.  

List of researches published

In 2018, IHC took part in a national study that seeks to assess the current threat of online child sexual exploitation in Cambodia, how it is manifested, how children are at risk and which group may be at an increased risk. The overall goal of the study is to understand the nature and extent of online child sexual exploitation in Cambodia, including the various capacities of legislation and key stakeholders (government and CSOs) to address the issue nationally according to the Modal National Response guidelines (WePROTECT, 2016).

IHC motivations for research include:

  • Explore emerging online trends to stay updated of the risk and strategy
  • Share findings with children, parents/carers, professionals and local communities
  • Identify actionable, evidence-based recommendations for the development of a national action plan to address online child sexual exploitation
  • Support other organisations with vested interests in developing and implementing Cambodia-specific interventions for prevention, protection, and the provision of services
  • Develop learning resources and strategies focusing on behaviour change especially among children and young people

On this page, you will find a selection of research reports published by APLE and partner organisations.

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