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You have chosen the right thing to do by reporting suspicious activity that involves child sexual abuse and exploitation.

WHY report?

Child sexual abuse is the most serious violation of the right of the child and leaves a devastating impact on a young child. The presence of child sexual abuse images and videos online means the child continues to be abused every time his/her images are seen.

By reporting abuse, you are helping us with the possible rescue of a child victim, the removal of images and the possible prosecution of an offender. Ignoring can be a criminal offence. 

What May happen to your report?

Your report will be assessed by our hotline analysts and may be sent to the police for investigation.

If you report possible CSAM, we may coordinate notice/takedown actions with the law enforcement authority and/or other appropriate agencies to have the illegal images (photos. videos, audios, etc.) removed from the internet.

Call our Hotline 092-311-511 to talk to our staff for advice or information about reporting if you need to.

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Child Sexual Abuse Material or CSAM

refers to images, videos, writings, and/or recordings of child sexual abuse or exploitation

Child grooming

refers to the act of soliciting a child, either in person or through the use of the internet for sexual purposes such as to receive sexual images online or to meet in person to sexually exploit him/her


the act of using self-produced sexual messages/pictures of a child in order to threaten him/her for sexual favor, money or other benefits