The Hotline

Established and operated by APLE Cambodia since 2015 with the support of INHOPE Association of Internet Hotlines. 

Educational Materials

The Hotline team has developed materials and tips with the aim to help children, young people, parents and professionals understand risks of online child sexual exploitation, safety measures, how to identify signs and report possible abuse. 

Frequently Asked Questions

ISP stands for Internet Service Provider, which means organizations that provide connectivity to the internet. This also refers to ESP’s (Electronic Service Providers)

A Notice and Takedown order is a procedure for asking a Hosting Provider (HP) or search engine to immediately remove or disable access to illegal, irrelevant or outdated information hosted on their

A hotline enables the public to anonymously report online material they suspect may be illegal. A hotline analyst will investigate the report and if confirmed illegal, they act to have the content removed from the internet as rapidly as possible.

Content (CSAM) removed is the time stamp recorded on ICCAM when a hotline confirms that the instance of the image and/or video has been removed from the internet.

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