Online Safety Tips

Tips for children

This includes sharing nude photos, harassing someone to send you explicit material online, and exposing others to pornographic material against their will.

It is OK to say “No” to someone who is asking you to do something you are not comfortable doing online.

Being a good friend, means you never ask for a naked picture of someone which can expose them to danger and make them feel uncomfortable. Real friends would never put others at such risk.

If a situation does not feel right, then it is not right!

If someone sends you a message that makes you feel uncomfortable, sometimes the best response is not responding at all. However, if they harass you, try blocking and/or reporting the person.

Watching adult pornography should not serve as a means to learn about sex. It depicts unrealistic relations which often contains abusive behavior and increases your risk of becoming sexually exploited. If you are curious about sexual relations it is best to ask a trusted adult or learn from safe and reliable sources.

Not all the strangers you meet online have good intentions.

Having many friends online can be fun, but it also contains risks. Take notice of who you add as an online friend; not everyone should have access to all your information.

Whenever you receive a friend request online, check their background before approving. Some online sex offenders will use fake profiles to gain your trust.

Meeting in person someone you just met online can be dangerous. However, if you checked the situation and decide it is safe to meet them, make sure you tell a trusted adult about it, meet in a public place, and have someone along with you.

Even if you send fully clothed pictures, some perpetrators may use different photo-editing softwares to change the image to make it look like you are naked.

Some websites contain material which can be harmful and put you at risk of sexual abuse. Be cautious while exploring the internet and do not enter suspicious looking websites or download unverified material.

They are meant to keep your information safe and they should not be shared, even among friends.

Allow only the right people who can access to what you post online.

Learning about the risks that exist with internet use will allow you to have a safer and better online experience.

Everything you do online has a digital footprint and can be traced.

In order to keep your information safe.

Your personal information can be taken advantage of if seen by the wrong people and put you at risk. If you decide to upload information online, make sure it isn’t personal or can be used against you.

Anything uploaded on the internet is almost impossible to remove. If you decide to upload something online, make sure it is something you wont regret in the future.

Although communication through different apps online may feel private, there is great potential that the content will be recorded and distributed publicly. Upload only posts which are safe for the eyes of anyone.

Live streaming is similar to giving a public show. Even if done in a private setting it can be recorded and distributed. When using live streaming apps, make sure you feel comfortable with anyone seeing what you upload and that it cannot harm you.

Online games serve as one of the leading platforms which online child sex offenders use to gain their first access to children. Be cautious when someone is trying to befriend you through a game.

Distribution of child sexual abuse material online is a serious crime and can result in time in prison.

Once your images are sent, you lose control over them and they can easily fall into the wrong hands

If someone you just met recently online is trying to divert the conversation to a sexual situation, a red flag should be raised. This is commonly done by online groomers who try to sexually exploit children. Remember you have the option to block them and report them online.

Child sex offenders can take advantage of your personal information posted online to groom you and gain your trust.

If someone you only met online is offering you gifts, money for games, or anything else you desire, be cautious. This may be a sign that they are trying to groom you.

Do not deal with it alone. Talk to someone you trust.

Being sexually abused may have severe emotional and physical consequences on a child, but seeking support can help restore a child’s confidence and improve the situation.

While there are many things to gain from being on the internet, it is best to have a balance with your offline life

 If you know of a case of sexual abuse online, report it.

Preventing it starts from being aware of the dangers and knowing where to report suspicious behavior.

Your report enable for the possibility of victim to be identified for rescue and/or perpetrator to be prosecuted.

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