CSAM – Child Sexual Abuse Material

One of the main forms of sexual exploitation of children online, involves the production as well as distribution of sexual material involving children.

What is Child Sexual Abuse Material?

Child sexual abuse material (CSAM), includes photographs, videos, and sound recordings of children in sexual situations.

The distribution, selling, displaying, projecting or screening of child sexual abuse material publicly, is a crime in Cambodia and can be punished by law, as is the production of such material for the sake of public distribution.

Even if a child is above the legal age of consent (15 in Cambodia), and agrees to performing sexual activity with an adult, if the production of CSAM is involved during the act and later being distributed, the child is being sexually exploited and it is considered a crime. 

CSAM can be obtained by a perpetrator threatening, coercing, tricking, deceiving, or convincing a child to make the sexual material, or even voluntarily from the child.