Newsletter: International Collaboration To Fight Against Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation Increases Remarkably

Feature Article: International Collaboration To Fight Against Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation Increases Remarkably

Phnom Penh – In the recent years, it has been observed how offenders, especially traveling sex offenders, have developed more cunning strategies which allow them to have closer contact with children with a higher degree of impunity. As an example, some of these offenders look for the protection that some institutions devoted to a social aim provide. In general terms, awareness with regard to this problem has certainly increased. However, experience shows collaboration with international law enforcement agencies is crucial to protect Cambodian children. In these cases, APLE works closely with the respective international law enforcement agency to facilitate cooperation with the Cambodian National Police and provide local expertise. APLE’s role is to work as a link between international and domestic law enforcement agencies to ensure national and international standards are achieved. So far, APLE has built good relationships with approximately 15 international law enforcement agencies, including the FBI, ICE, AFP, UK CEOP, and the Nordic Police. In western countries, there is an increasing awareness with regard to child sexual abuse and exploitation. Therefore, these countries tend to feel increasingly responsible for the behaviour of their own citizens beyond their own borders. It is time to increase international collaboration to further safeguard Cambodian children.

Australia has taken a leading role internationally in this arena. In 2017, The Australian government enacted the Passports Legislation Amendment (integrity) Bill which facilitates the denial of passports to Australian nationals who are seen as a threat to vulnerable children overseas and to prevent reoffending. Examples like this shows the importance and impact of concrete and feasible measures in which each country plays its part in order to address a collective challenge putting the rights of children first.

Your participation really matters……Please join us to further protect all children by reporting suspicious activity and take positive action to protect children. Join us as a volunteer or support our project financially or technically.

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Report it, Don’t ignore it If you see child sexual abuse images online.