Our Vision 

A community with robust social and legal justice in which all children are safe from child sexual abuse and exploitation

With the new vision, APLE operates on the belief that strengthening institutions relevant to the social and legal protection of children is the highest priority in achieving long-term sustainable change.


Our Mission

We aim to strengthen national social and legal mechanisms for the protection of children at risk of, or affected by, child sexual abuse or exploitation.

Online child sexual exploitation is a global problem and increasingly concerning in Cambodia. Eradicating this problem requires a global solution in which all countries worldwide need to work together in close collaboration.


In 2016, APLE launched the Hotline, the first web-based reporting platform in Cambodia under the name Internet Hotline Cambodia or IHC, as a new initiative to prevent and counter online child sexual exploitation. APLE approached this problem after the research data suggested that online child sexual exploitation existed in Cambodia and was potentially on the rise.     

Working towards making online communities safer for children, IHC works to:

  • Prevent online child sexual exploitation
  • Reduce child sexual abuse material online
  • Help affected children by removing their images from the internet
  • Assist law enforcement to identify victims and take prosecutorial action against perpetrators

“My Department has successfully collaborated with IHC of the APLE NGO in a number of cases in which we were able to support the victim and bring the perpetrator to justice. IHC assistance helped us remove the illegal content of child sexual abuse we traced as being hosted in another country”

IHC work contributes to the success of APLE vision and mission. Through working with others, IHC hopes to make the social and legal mechanism designed to protect children from online child sexual exploitation stronger.