Explore below the various resources developed and tailored by APLE Cambodia for children, parents, professional and the general public. 

Online Courses, Educational Materials and Safety Tips

These materials and tips are developed with the aim to help children, young people, parents and professionals understand risks of online child sexual exploitation, safety measures, how to identify signs and report possible abuse. 

Online Courses

For Children and Young People

Any child can be subject to child sexual abuse online, however by taking the right precautions and being smart online, you can avoid the dangers of using the internet and stay safe on the web.

For Parents or Caregivers

Child sexual abuse and exploitation happens when a person (usually an adult, however can happen by other children and young adults as well), involves a child in sexual activity, either by force or by using manipulation methods.

For Professionals

Sexual abuse and exploitation can involve physical contact between the perpetrator and the child, and sometimes sexual abuse and exploitation will happen without any physical contact involved.

Safety Tips


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