We help remove abusive images from the Internet.

Reporting of child sexual abuse material enables the possibility of images/videos to be removed and/or victims to be identified. Your report does matter!

Make Online Communities Safer for Children

Why Report

Child Sexual Abuse Material is a term that can be used as an alternative to child pornography to refer to any material depicting acts of sexual abuse and/or focusing on the genitalia of the child. If found to be illegal, the information will be sent to law enforcement.

How to Report

Reporting is quick, easy and confidential. You can report anonymously.

Check Progress

Here is where you can find out what happened to your report. Enter the code you've received.

Why we exist

IHC provides a crucial link in the protective chain of interventions against child sexual abuse and exploitation, ensuring that the matter is investigated and if found to be illegal, for the information to be sent to law enforcement or other hotlines.

CSAM Reported
CSAM Removed

IHC work at a glance

We offer a safe web-based hotline for the public to report suspected CSAM and other online child sexual exploitation cases. We coordinate notice and takedown actions with law enforcement and other hotlines. 

We raise awareness of internet safety among children, parents/carers and local communities.

We train social workers, teachers and other professionals working with children on child safeguarding online.

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APLE’s mission is to strengthen national social and legal mechanisms for the protection of children at risk of, or affected, by child sexual abuse and exploitation. APLE established and launched IHC in 2016 which has since then become a much needed hotline for the public.