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Online Safety Tips

Tips for parents

It is difficult as a parent to keep up to date with the most recent changes in online use of a child. However, by staying involved in what your child does every day and by encouraging healthy discussion, you can create an environment where the child will involve you in what happens to them.

Sexual education is essential for a child’s healthy development. Feel confident about speaking to your child about sexual relationships which are age appropriate. It can keep them safe and help them make right decisions.

 Encourage children to openly share their problems with you.

Helps prevent your child from harm.

Be sure to also let them know the consequences of revealing personal information.

The sooner children receive the information on how to stay safe online, the better the habits they demonstrate that keep them protected when using the internet.

Help provide children with the guidance they need when using the internet.

If you notice your child is spending a large amount of their time online, try to understand what they do and who they communicate with.

Children can be sexually exploited online by taking sexual photos, videos, forcing children to watch pornographic images and more.

Talk to your child and try to understand the underlying cause for any behavioral changes. When a child is being groomed, or has suffered from sexual abuse and exploitation, different behavioral/emotional/physical signs are likely to appear.

As a parent, you should stand by your child in case of harm. Be supportive and avoid any kind of accusation against them if they have experienced sexual abuse. Remember they are children, and it is never their fault.

While the internet has many benefits for the child, it also contains risks. Make sure they don’t consume most of their time with online activities

If you know of a case of sexual abuse online, report it.

Preventing it starts from being aware of the dangers and knowing where to report suspicious behavior

Your report enable the possibility of victims to be identified for rescue and/or offender to be prosecuted.

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