What We Do

The Internet Hotline is committed to combating online child sexual abuse and exploitation.

Our Actions

Hotline Reporting

We provide a safe and secure venue for the public to anonymously report child sexual abuse materials they see on the internet and suspect to be illegal. Report must contain URL that provides access to the reported content hosted on the internet. The Hotline can't receive images or videos of child sexual abuse directly.

Content Assessment

Our Hotline analyst will assess the reported content/material (e.g. images or videos) that is visible on the reported URL against the Hotline operational and legal baselines, using the INHOPE classification system. Images and videos are also assessed against the law of Cambodia to determine its illegality.

Notice and Takedown

If images or videos are confirmed to be illegal, a notice and takedown request will be sent to hosting provider and/or other partner hotline to immediately remove them from the internet or disable access to the material. We may also send a report to law enforcement to enable possible investigation and victim identification.

We're a member of the INHOPE global network of hotlines dedicated to combating child sexual abuse material on the internet.

Safer Internet Day Campaign

We organize annual Safer Internet Campaigns in collaboration with government, industry, children, young people and civil society organizations to promote the positive use of digital technologies.  

Awareness and Training

Awaresness Raising

Our hotline staff are also involved in raising awareness of online safety and protection among children, young people, parents and communities to provide the knowledge that can help to keep them safe when online and protect children against abuse and exploitation.


We provide training to educators, practitioners working with children and authorities on how to identify and report child sexual exploitation online, how to provide access to victim support and how their particular role can contribute to child online protection.

Police Training

We organize and provide training workshops and conferences with law enforcement to share up-to-date knowledge, develop specific skills and discuss issues that make children vulnerable to child sexual exploitation online and how those issues can be tackled.

Code of Best Practice

We do what we do in compliance with the code of best practice which entails the principles and standards to which all INHOPE members aspire.

We do what we do in compliance with the INHOPE code of best practice which entails the principles and standards to which all the members aspire.

Compliance with regulations and cooperation

We act within regulations under Cambodian law, and cooperate with other hotlines in efforts to eliminate Illegal material and activity from the Internet within our remit and exchange reports with the competent national hotline.

Communication and Hotline Facility

We provide INHOPE with a point of contact to receive notices from INHOPE and we have a security protocol to ensure that the sensitive data we process is secure. The room in which the hotline work takes place is secure and unrelated staff are never exposed to hotline material.

Stakeholder Engagement

We consult with our stakeholders such as government, law enforcement, NGO partners, internet Industry, child welfare, etc. of our operation and seek opportunities for improvement.

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