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The Hotline.

IHC work contributes to the success of APLE vision and mission. Through working with others, IHC hopes to make the social and legal systems designed to protect children online stronger.

CSAM Reporting

Possible CSAM reports can be submitted to the Hotline anonymously via the web reporting form. Not much information is required, but Url link must be input in order to send the report. CSAM images are not allowed when submitting a report. Doing this may be illegal.

Notice and Takedown

If images or videos are found to be illegal, law enforcement, we act to notify the hosting provider and/or other Hotline who will commence the notice and takedown process, enabling the possibility for images to be removed from the Internet.

In some cases, law enforcement will be notified to take action, identifying and supporting victims and prosecuting offenders where crime committed.

Content Assessment

Our content analyst will assess the material (image or video) against the national baseline to determine its legality.
The analyst will analyse, classify and record all the necessary data to notify law enforcement which may enable the possibility for the content to be removed.

Victim Support

Once victims are identified, our social and legal teams will provide and facilitate the provision of crisis support, legal assistance, recovery and long term rehabilitation.

We partner with other service providers to ensure victims are provided with prolonged support services, resocialization and reintegration.

Contact Our Team

Hotline 24/7
092 311 511

Prevention is key.

IHC extensively works on awareness and educational campaigns focusing on raising a better awareness and understanding of online risks, safety measures and reporting of child sexual abuse material in order to empower children, parents/carers, professional and local communities with the right knowledge and strategies to stay safe and protect children from online issues

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