Frequently Asked Questions

IHC is a safe web-based venue for the public to report child sexual abuse material they stumble over the Internet. Run by APLE, it’s one of the global hotlines supported by INHOPE Foundation.

IHC exists to make online communities safer for children. It seeks to remove child sexual abuse material from the Internet through working in collaboration with law enforcement and other hotlines. 

Our trained content analysts assess your report against the national baseline criteria (under the Cambodian legal context) and if they find the image/video to be illegal, they will send the information to law enforcement, ISP or other hotline to remove. Where needed, IHC will coordinate with the other team at APLE to secure appropriate support for the victims identified and to assist the police force with their investigations. 

By the definition of child pornography under the above-mentioned law, any CSAM image (photo or video) that depicts a naked figure of a child which excites or stimulates sexual desire constitutes child pornography which becomes illegal if such image is produced or distributed.  

The term ‘child sexual abuse material’ or CSAM is increasingly being used to replace the term ‘child pornography’. This switch of terminology is based on the argument that sexualised material that depicts or otherwise represents children is indeed a representation, and a form, of child sexual abuse, and should not be described as pornography.

If considered to be child pornography, production and distribution of CSAM is illegal under the Cambodian legal context. 

Under the Law on Suppression of Human Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation 2008, child pornography shall mean a visible material such as a photograph or videotape, including a material in electronic form, depicting a minor’s naked figure which excites or stimulates sexual desire.

Your report will be processed by our content analyst to determine its legality and classification. The analyst will trace the hosting location via IP Address and send a notice and takedown request to the responsible agency (Police, ISP, or Hotline). If found to be illegal under the law of the hosting country, the image will get removed from the Internet. Your report might also enable the police to identify victims and bring perpetrators to justice.

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