Our Vision & Mission

Our vision is to see a community with robust social and legal justice in which all children are safe from child sexual abuse and exploitation.

With the new vision, APLE operates on the belief that strengthening institutions relevant to the social and legal protection of children is the highest priority in achieving long-term sustainable change.

What problems we seek to solve

Working towards making online communities safer for children, IHC works to:

  • Prevent online child sexual exploitation
  • Reduce child sexual abuse material online
  • Help affected children by removing their images from the internet
  • Assist law enforcement to identify victims and take prosecutorial action against perpetrators

IHC work contributes to the success of APLE vision and mission. Through working with others, IHC hopes to make the social and legal mechanism designed to protect children from online child sexual exploitation stronger.

What People Say

About our work at the Hotline

My Department has successfully collaborated with IHC of the APLE NGO in a number of cases in which we were able to support the victim and bring the perpetrator to justice. IHC assistance helped us remove the illegal content of child sexual abuse we traced as being hosted in another country.
Police Officer
Cambodia's Cybercrime Department
I have learned a lot from participating in the awareness event organised by IHC and I will spread the information across my youth network. The knowledge I've gained will shape the way I use and take advantage of the Internet.
Ms Pkay Preok
Youth Network Representative
I have now gained a lot of knowledge on child sexual exploitation online after my first-time participation in the learning workshop conducted by APLE. I’ll continue to share my knowledge to other people and schools in my community. I would like APLE to carry on disseminating knowledge to other schools.
Ms Poy Nika
Trainee Teacher

If you have questions about our work at the Hotline, please send us.

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