Sexting and Sextortion

What is sexting?

Sexting (sex+text) – is engaging in sending someone sexually explicit content online. This may include sexual texts, or sexual images and videos of themselves to another person.

Sexting can be done voluntarily. You may want to send your boyfriend/girlfriend/someone you like a sexual photo of yourself and at the time it may seem like a good idea. But once you upload a photo online you will lose control of it and not know where it will end up. Even if you send it to someone you trust, the photo you sent may be distributed to others, or uploaded publicly against your will. It is important to remember that everything you upload online is very difficult to erase and has the potential to stay online forever. For this reason, you should always make sure that anything you upload, you will be comfortable with everyone seeing and cannot harm you.

What is sextortion?

Sextortion (sex+extortion) is when someone takes advantage of the sexual images they have of another person and threaten to reveal them if they don’t receive what they want. They may demand for more sexual material, money and more.

What should you do if someone is trying to sext you?

If it is someone you know and care about, explain that it makes you feel uncomfortable and that you do not want to do it. A person who really cares about you would never want to put you in a situation that makes you feel bad.

If the person persists and is pressuring you, you can:

  1. Tell someone you trust and ask for help
  2. Report the person
  3. Block the person and make sure that person cannot bother you anymore

What should you do if you already sent a photo?

  1. You can ask the person you sent it to, to delete it and respect your privacy
  2. It might be possible to report through the app or website and ask to remove the photo. You can do this by reporting the photo on the site.
  3. Report here on IHC.
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