Law enforcement

IHC works closely with national and international law enforcement agencies to fight child sexual abuse and exploitation online. 

INTERPOL’s International Child Sexual Exploitation (ICSE) Database

When it comes to child sexual abuse material, we work with police in the country where the content is hosted to remove illegal images of children from the Internet and help the police identify victims of crime and bring perpetrators to justice.

If we find illegal content hosted in Cambodia to be illegal, we will provide information to the Anti Cyber Crime Department to have the content removed and the matter investigated by ACCD or mandated agency. Where needed, IHC team will coordinate supports for victims with APLE team which may include social, psychological and/or legal services.

Where illegal content is hosted in other country, IHC team will make direct contact with foreign law enforcement in that country if there is no INHOPE hotline and provide them the information available that they can use to remove illegal images, identify victims and/or investigate the case. In a country where INHOPE hotline member exists, we will contact them to facilitate cooperation with law enforcement.

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